Chicken Shawarma Salad

How To Make Open Shawarma

Hello, I’m AbuBakar Fareed and welcome to “Get Curried.” Today we’ll learn how to cook one of the most famous Indian recipe.


  1. Black Peppercorns
  2. Roasted Cumin Seeds
  3. Sweet Paprika
  4. Salt from Lemon Juice (as per your taste)
  5. Oil
  6. Lettuce Leaves
  7. Onion (sliced)
  8. Capsicum (sliced)
  9. Cucumber (sliced)
  10. Grilled Pita
  11. Breads
  12. Chilli Flakes
  13. Chicken (boneless)


There are too many ingredients, right? but don’t worry I’ll break the recipe down into multiple components and make it simple for you. This recipe could be reminiscent of shawarma, right? is shawarma, but not one like this one. It’s an actual dish of chicken Shawarma bowl or chicken Shawarma salad. Hi guys, this is me, you are the Bombay chef Darren Welcome to the ready to get curried. Let’s start with this delicious chicken Shawarma salad. It is the perfect combination of two words: the hot and cold world. When I talk about hot horse. the freshly cooked chicken and pita that is grilled, and of course, some veggies and the choice of lettuce it’s really easy to prepare the marinade for the chicken that has been grilled. Once the chicken is cooked and cooked, we can move on to making the salad, and then we prepare the dressing, which is a tahini-based dressing. Let’s start with the margin to which I’ll require fresh garlic cloves, some peppercorns roasting cumin seeds sweet paprika juice lemon it’s essential to gather the seeds in this point since they’re going be crushed into a fine paste . just a few other ingredients starting with salt, of course. I’ll grind it into a fine paste with oil. it’s regular vegetable oil, so the marinating process is completed and is ready and it’s fine just like it is now the next step is very simple , and that’s the transfer of all this to chicken.

Now for chicken what I’ve done is to use only boneless Thai since it becomes succulent and juicy even when grilling. Do you keep this in mind? Mix this carefully as the chicken gets mixed. I’m also going to set up a grill pan to cook on high heat and be aware that this marinade is already seasoned with salt and oil so don’t be enticed to add more at this point. The chicken is prepared and marinated, let’s transfer it straight to the grill pan, so that the chicken on the bottom has a beautiful caramelization time. turn it over and off comes the grill pan and the chicken has been prepared to grill and place it to a resting plate an eating tray. The chicken has been cooked perfectly and is now resting while it is resting, we can create a quick dressing. A unique dressing made from sesame seeds known as the tahina salad let’s make this using some sesame seeds that are white and are not toasted. To add them to cold water. This is vegetable oil that has been boiled in regular lemon juice and not to mention some salt , let’s cover the container with a lid. It’s the time to make the form of a paste. Now you can make this your own whether coarse or fine is totally up to you with this athaina dressing. Once it’s ready to go for an instant look, it’s fine and smooth my preference. Let’s begin the next part and that’s assembling the salad. To begin, we’ll start with the lettuce, let’s remove all the cold water, which is crucially important. The base, or the base of the lettuce has to be cut into a core and then sliced as well. Once this is removed, then the following step will be to cut the lettuce but not cut it using a knife. the leaves are beautiful and crisp due to our fact that we placed it in chilled water Let’s begin placing these beautiful crispy leaf on the platter or plate next comes an onion that can be diced or cut however the decision is yours. Let’s put it on top of the lettuce, which is nice and cold . Let’s move on to the next one that is green capsicum, in this case , we’ll place it on the top of the lettuce as well as the onions. The dish is now complete, without the pieces of cucumber that are cut in slices we’ll move on to the next step which is to place the chicken that has been grilled but of course , it’s not going to stay straight so we’ll need to cut it like a pizza, so let’s put this chicken that has been grilled and cut into slices over our salad, as we add a additional cucumber slices and add some spoonfuls of this deliciously flavored and creamy tahini dressing to study it in the grilled pita nband and last but certainly not most important thing is to sprinkle some chilli on top of this salad of chicken shawarma is ready to serve. this recipe for your family members and cook it for friends , but most importantly, take a seat with this bowl of protein and enjoy it yourself. On this note, don’t forget to for more curried recipes. amazing and easy recipes.

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