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How To Make Nasi Biryani

Hello, I’m AbuBakar Fareed and welcome to “Get Curried.” Today we will look at how to prepare an extremely well-known Malaysian recipe.


  1. 1 tbsp. of Ginger Paste
  2. A teaspoon. of Fennel Powder
  3. A teaspoon. of Cumin Seed Powder
  4. 1 Tbsp. of Coriander Seed Powder
  5. 1 tbsp. of Red Chilli Powder
  6. A cup of Yogurt
  7. Also, some Salt to taste


I like to marinate this for at least 8-10 hours, but even an hour is sufficient. While the chicken is marinated, we can prepare the rice. I’m going to boil 1 tbsp. of Oil. and a teaspoon. of Ghee and a tbsp. of Ghee. The oil is very hot. I’m adding one inch Cinnamon. 5 Green Cardamoms. 5 Cloves and 10 Peppercorns. Then, just cook them until they release aroma. Add 2 medium Onions that I’ve cut here. We will fry them until they are tender and transparent. The onions are transparent and soft. I’m planning on adding an ample teaspoon. of Ginger Paste. Also, a heaped tablespoon. of garlic paste. Then simmer this until the raw smell is gone. I’m planning on adding one cup of tomato puree to this. I’ll sauté until the oil separates a little. The oil is separated. I’m going to add Lemongrass. We’re going to include 6 cups of Water.1 Cup of coconut Milk.

Here, I’ve taken a couple of saffron strands within half cup water. We’re going to add it also. Then, I’m going to wash this , and then add another half glass of water. Now, in this water, I’m going add Salt. Mix this thoroughly. Here, I have four cups Basmati Rice which I had been soaking for about an hour. Mix this well. One teaspoon. in Turmeric Powder. Cover this with water with water and cook on the stove at a moderate to low heat until the rice is cooked. Then we’ll make the gravy along with the chicken as the rice gets cooked. I’m planning to cook about 3 tablespoons. of Oil. Oil is boiling hot, so let’s put in some of the spices. 1.25 inches of Cinnamon. 4-5 Green Cardamoms. 5 Cloves and 10 Peppercorns. Now, I’m going to add two medium Onions that I’ve cut. Then, I’m going to cook until they’re lovely with a golden brown colour. The onions are lovely and golden. I’m planning to add some marinated chicken. A tablespoon. of Minced Garlic.A Tbsp. Of Minced Ginger. I’m going to saute this over a hot flame for about 2 minutes. We’ll check the rice. I’m confident it’s cooked. Now, I’m going simply cover it and cook on an open flame until the chicken is cooked. While the chicken is being cooked, we can fry some cashews on the side. I’m going to boil 1 tbsp. of Ghee. Also, I’m planning to add some entire Cashew Nuts. Then, just toss them around until they’re nice and golden. Set this to yourself. The chicken was cooked for around 20 minutes. it’s done. We can turn off the fire. Serve this Nasi Chicken Biryani’. In this dish that is flat I’m serving the rice. Simply remove the lemongrass.

You have the choice of serving the chicken with the rice or as a side. I’ll serve it with a side dish. Let’s top the rice with Fried Cashew Nuts, and Raisins. Our ‘Nasi Biryani’ is ready to serve. It’s an easy recipe. If you try it, tell me what you think, and be sure to keep watching “Get Curried.”

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